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Welcome to the BetterVerse status page.

This page displays the statuses of both Mojang's and BetterVerse's servers in real time.
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Build (Bettercraft.net)

Bettercraft (Often referred to as our Build server) is your typical survival server, allowing players to build, fight, and explore in a mostly-safe environment.


Our Skyblock server is meant to present interesting twists on the long-loved Skyblock challenging, allowing for community rule management and maintenance. The economy is strictly managed, the challenges are tough, and you'll be hard pressed to find a better experience!


UtopianRealm is our creative server, which houses two worlds - the main and the freebuild. In the main world you may build anything that does not aesthetically clash with those around it, working either alone or with others to bring a vision to life. The freebuild world is where anything can be built, just for the sake of being built - it is often used as a multiplayer testing ground for the projects housed on our other servers.


Betterverse PVP is our "Anarchy" server, and can be reached via betteranarchy.net. It is currently in an alpha state, pending creation of dedicated plugins for it. There are no rules other than the standard no-hacks, no-spam that every server has. This server is ruled purely by community interaction.


The skygrid server (minecraftskygrid.com) is a unique Minecraft challenge mode originally created by YouTuber Sethbling. We have used his creation as a starting point, adding Betterverse utility to create an entertaining Skygrid experience.

Survivila (Dev)

This is a development server, used to hasten the transition from Bettercraft to Survivila.